Play as the Elephant's foot, formed in the nuclear reactor’s core during a meltdown. You have to fight your way through the nuclear power plant, fighting weirdos in hazard suits trying to cool you down with water guns.

Warning! : This version is a prototype and doesn't fully represent the finale 

How to play: Collect spheres to replenish your life, avoid water and try not to start the fire alarms.

Controls: [WASD] - To move; [Space] - To shoot; [TAB] - To open the pause menu



JoelQ - code, level design

Dreadevil - code, game design, level design

Mikael Hyttinen aka jowy - 3D art & animations

Sleepygibbs - VFX

Install instructions

Windows Build - Drag the files out of the zip file and then in a new folder file.


Download 62 MB

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